Proworks is one of the leading Design Engineering & Project Management Company based at Mumbai.

Proworks offers a range of services, from concept to commissioning across all the sectors such as Food Beverages & Cosmetics (FBC), R&D Centres and Labs, Hospitals & Healthcare, Engineering Solutions, Industrial and Consumer Products.

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Proworks is known for successfully fulfilling the requirements of our clients since inception. Our engineers provide innovative solutions for challenging situations of the project.

We embrace value-engineering which identifies opportunities at every stage of project development to reduce cost without sacrificing functionality or long term performance.

Proworks is a multi-discipline engineering company providing project engineering, project management, engineering studies, and construction works.
Proworks’s key personnel comprises of highly experienced professionals who has previously served in the multi-national companies.

At Proworks, every staff member is a professional dedicated to the success of each project and to the exceeding of the customer expectations. With a strong history of innovation and technological advancement, our experts are well versed & in sync with modern technological advancements.


Develop & Deliver quality solution meeting client expectation.
Be a socially responsible designer and provide sustainable Engineering solution.
Nurture talent and promote innovate ideas.



In-depth knowledge in design engineering and construction management.
Committed approach to quality, time and cost.
Strong focused team for entire project management.



INTEGRITY - "Respect your words and do what you say."
CUSTOMER FOCUS - Customer is a King and if we don't meet his expectations, someone else will.
MUTUAL RESPECT - Treat every individual with respect and dignity. Give respect and command respect.
TEAM WORK - "One for all and all for one."
INNOVATION - Is not just a invention of new idea but creating out-of-the-box thinking to generate a new value!
QUALITY CONSCIOUS - "First time right." Aim at excellence and quality in every activity we perform as part of our day-to-day work process and seek continuous improvement in all that we do.


Mr. R. S. Swaminathan

Mr. R. S. Swaminathan

Chairman & Managing Director - Spectrum Group

An Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Facility Design & Project Management, Mr. Swaminathan established the Spectrum Group about 21 years ago with a vision to provide Design & Engineering service to the Process Industry.

He has a wide ranging experience in all aspects of project management right from concept planning to start up.

He is an active Member of ISPE and has also published various articles in renowned Pharma Magazines.

Worked with - MN Dastur, Technimont ICB, Lupin, Rhone Poulenc.

Mr. Ravindra Burse

Mr. Ravindra Burse

Director - Proworks Engineering and Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.

An electrical engineer, has over 25 years of rich and versatile experience in Design Engineering and Projects execution. He has worked on various kinds projects in India and abroad.

Apart from doing projects in India, he successfully commissioned projects in Mauritius and Dubai with local team support.

He has got sound experience in maintenance of plants & machineries.

As Head of Engineering in one of his previous jobs, he also worked for Technology transfer to a JV company in Dubai and successfully led the team to get MHRA, TGA approvals.