Advisory Services & Consulting
feasibility studies
The studies conducted will rely on both primary and secondary data, which will involve both desk and field works. Accordingly, the typical approach employed for such studies include -
The following information if available in advance shall help in developing a more site appropriate design.
  • Site Master Plan (if already available)
  • Soil Investigation report
  • Meteorological data
If the site is not yet identified, PS3 will assume a shape and size of the land and commence development of the designs.

The steps would generally follow the following sequence:
  • Computing daily production capacity
  • Converting the daily production requirement in the form of required list of equipment and their capacities
  • Developing layout plans and sections for the facility
  • Developing Site Plan for the entire development
  • Developing Men-Material Flow Concepts, HVAC Design Concepts and Power distribution Concept based on the finalized layout
  • Preparing Project Cost Estimates
Based on the technical data such as production capacity and program, cost of raw materials and utility, cost of machinery and equipment, cost of building and civil work, etc., cost estimate of the project will be carried out.

The project cost estimate shall comprise of the following:
  • Estimated investment costs broken down into fixed investments, Pre-operational expenses
    • Fixed investments shall consist of cost of land, plant and machinery, buildings, office furniture and equipment, water, power supply and other cost relevant to the project
    • Pre-operational expenses cover costs of project studies and investigations, project engineering and management, manpower recruitment and training, and final commissioning of the project upon completion
  • Operating costs including costs of raw materials and packaging, salaries and wages, repair and maintenance, power, fuel, etc. will be estimated