Procurement Assistance
Proworks with its numerous experience can suggest the best equipment, machinery and system with the right blend of economy and quality.
Proworks can assist you in:
  • Preparation of detailed specifications and data sheets for various plants, equipment, machinery and system
  • Invite bids for supply of various plant equipment, machinery and systems
  • Prepare detailed tender documents for supply and installation of various systems like HVAC, Piping/Plumbing Water treatment and distribution, Electrical, Steam generation and distribution etc.
  • Techno-commercial evaluation of the bids and recommend the best alternative
  • Checking & approval of vendor drawings
  • Checking & approval of contractors site erection drawings
  • Preparation of Factory Acceptance Test protocols
  • Expediting with vendors for timely supply of all machinery and equipment
  • Factory inspection of all equipment and machinery prior to dispatch